Jim Kennerknecht

Our team is honored to be recognized for the work we create for our clients. It is our express goal to create homes that are timeless, inspired, and enduring. Over the years we have been granted, highly coveted, prestigious acclaims that range from “best in the nation” to the “region’s finest.” These awards recognize our achievement and, more importantly, honor the clients who trust us.

Jim Kennerknecht and his team have been recognized as a:

  • 3 time “Best in American Living” national award winner
  • 4 time “Aurora Best Home in the Southeastern United States” award winner
  • 2 time “Aurora Best Home in the State of Virginia” award winner
  • 11 time “Finest for Family Living” metropolitan region award winner

Their work has been featured in a number of publications including The Washington Post Magazine, Spaces, and trade magazines.

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