Building and design. Both are so sensory. It’s what we experience and (perhaps more importantly) what we don’t experience.

It is what we see. And what we don’t see.

It is how a home’s orientation is placed in such a way to reveal beauty — a built-in window seat positioned in “just the right spot” to watch nature unfold — and conceal the unsightly. A neighbor’s driveway. Utility poles.

It is what we hear. And what we don’t hear.

It is how we introduce running water in outdoor environments to neutralize traffic noise, insulate to mitigate sound, and conceal air conditioning equipment to create peaceful living spaces.

It is what we touch. And what we don’t touch.

It is how surfaces are finished, the mix of materials we choose, and their precise application in the appropriate areas. It is wood trim properly sanded and finished. Level tile. Marble edges that seamlessly intersect. Smooth, even floorboards.

It is what we smell. And don’t smell.

It is a perennial garden planted so strategically that the aroma of seasonal flowers offer unexplained pleasure. Fresh, airy rooms. The oaky fragrance of real hardwood floors. Trash bins and receptacles that are thoughtfully placed.

It is what we speak. And don’t speak.

It is design that allows conversations to flow and spaces that connect properly. It is a home that is able to convey who you are, what you value and how you live.

It is this type of “sensory building” that underlies Monarch Homes’ approach to design and building. Our relentless commitment to the highest quality craftsmanship and our natural intuition for creating distinctive architectural details are qualities that you will see, hear, touch, smell and speak in your home for years to come.